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Interesting Facts About Vaughan, Ontario

Vaughan, OntarioVaughan, Ontario is the 17th largest city in Canada and the 5th largest city in all of Greater Ontario Area. One can also take note that in a span of a single decade between 1996 and 2006, Vaughan achieved the fastest rate of population growth in all of Canada. Statistically, this period garnered 80.2% expansion rate. It could be appropriate, for the sake of positive pun, for this city to receive a nickname “Big and Fast”. But growth and expansion is just one of the many fascinating (and potentially odd) aspects of Vaughan.

The astounding growth of this municipality has something to do with two most important elements – commerce and tourism. The same combination that spurred the incredible decade-short evolution of Dubai (United Arab Emirates) follows the same trend in this part of the world. With commerce and tourism combined, Vaughan was transformed from a quiet farming and residential settlement into a relatively advanced and bustling conurbation.

As far as history goes, Vaughan is already geared for improvement (though it took a bit later to spike its economic boom). The first European to ever discover this area in 1615 was a French frontiersman named Etienne Brule. Since the French explorer was only passing by this area via the Humber Trail, it was only inhabited nearly after a century. Ever since its settlement and foundation in 1792, most of the pioneers migrating this little settlement named after British commissioner Benjamin Vaughan were skilled tradesmen. In 1850, Vaughan became a full-fledged township.

Oddly enough, it wasn’t until 1991 when Vaughan was recognized as a city. This relatively postponed development in the historical timeline, however, wasn’t for naught. It was only waiting for the right time to launch the high-flying tandem of commerce and tourism.

Now, Vaughan prides itself for its key tourist destinations, including the iconic Canada’s Wonderland – the biggest amusement park in the whole country. Fans of Canada’s top local consumer good (the maple syrup) should visit the Kortright Centre for Conservation. Apart from commerce, local tourism also caters to the academic interests of guest. The Reptilia Zoo is a 25,000 square feet educational center and menagerie featuring 250 species of the most enigmatic and misunderstood class of animals on earth. It is interesting to note that Vaughan is also the site of one of the oldest preserved Iroquois relics in North America (Seed-Barker Archeological Site).