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Interesting Facts About Barrie, Ontario

Barrie, Ontario outdoor signBarrie, Ontario is the 21st largest central metropolitan area in Canada in terms of population density, with over 187,013 according to the latest local census. More than 9 million people resides within 100-mile radius of Barrie City, representing a quarter of the nation’s entire population. One can easily imagine Barrie as a city within a bustling concrete jungle. Picture Manhattan borough of New York City, yet only twice its size in terms of square kilometer in total land area.

For a modern metropolis, the city’s history is pretty extensive relative to Canada’s historical timeline. Barrie’s earliest beginnings as a settlement dates back centuries before the arrival of the Europeans. It was once a trading post sitting in the middle of an ancient commercial trail called The Nine Mile Portage where aborigines traverse to barter goods. This trail was mapped by an Italian explorer named Vincenzo Coronelli in 1688. By 1812, this city played an important role during the Anglo-American War as a supply depot, and naturally situated in the Nine Mile Portage to optimize logistics. This city received its namesake from Sir Robert Barrie in 1833, the overall commander of the naval and ground forces concentrated in the Nine Mile Portage Area during the war.

Demographically, Barrie’s population has a median age of 37.2. While the city is predominantly inhabited by white people comprising 87.5% of the population, its top three largest visible minority groups include First Nation aboriginal Canadians, blacks and South Asian immigrants. Majority of Barrie’s citizens have no religious affiliation. Its biggest religious organization is Catholicism, followed by other Christian denominations.

If you are looking for something fun and a little bit edgy to do, you can visit Mariposa’s School of Skating. This institution has trained many outstanding skaters like Jeffrey Buttle, Brian Orser and Elvis Stojko. Barrie has over 300 hectares of parkland where people can try out the skating skills one have learned from Mariposa, or try out some free-running moves.

Barrie is a politically independent city also known for its vibrant tourism industry. The Dunlop Street East is a key tourist district replete with specialty shops, pubs, boutiques and fancy restaurants. Downtown Barrie hosts a jovial nightlife atmosphere where one can visit local arts and fashion boutiques as well as indie-music and live theater shows. This city is also hosts the Barrie Waterfront Festival, Ecofest,  and Kempenfest among others.